Craft Beer Love

Thanks for “Hoppin” in…come with me on my adventure through the wonderful world of craft beer. In these pages you will find information about styles, brands, breweries, food pairing, and I will even be throwing in my personal reviews so please if you have a brew for me to try drop a comment anytime.

Beer Tasting

First I would like to give you a little bit more information on craft beer itself.  To start with what is a craft beer? This is beer that is not brewed by one of the huge  “mega brewery’s” it is a beer that is made on a smaller scale usually by an independent brewer who was formally known to make “microbrew.” Call it what you will but I like to refer to it as liquid gold.

In doing research I have learned many exciting things. Art and science play the biggest role in brewing the perfect beer, and each brewer has their own flair on what they want you to experience with each sip.  Each batch is methodically and mathematically put together to bring us this amazing beverage. I have witnessed a few batches being prepared myself each step taken at precisely the correct time. If you haven’t seen it done in action you should really check it out. How to get the color just right, if it should be sour or sweet, will the hops hit you right up front or linger on at the end, should it be heavy or light, fruity or nutty…these are all important questions before they even start a batch.

This is where the best part comes in….the taste test. There are so many left to try and am hoping this site will let us all share what and where we have experienced this wonderful creation.

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